Finding the right ephedra diet pill

Let’s face it, choosing the right Ephedra Diet Pill, for the new diet can be quite a task to perform.

We want to invest our money wisely, and get the maximum results out of out little fat burning friends.

After the FDA ban the market for Ephedra Fat Burners seems to be a jungle, with tons of names of new brands with names like Asia Black, Red Hotz XS, Stimerex-ES, and Lipodrene, and copies of old brands.

Old classic brands like Xenadrine RFA-1 is replaced with names or copies like Powerdrine and Megadrine RFA-1

And Hydroxycut with Ephedra is replaced with a diet pill called Hydroxyslim .

You feel Confused?

I could figure that out!!

Read this article and follow the 3 golden rules I provide you with, and you will be much more confident in knowing which Ephedra Diet Pill to choose for your diet.

These 3 golden rules are guidelines and a simple and easy way to eliminate some of those mistakes you do not what to do, for your hard earned money.


Rule Number One.

In the old days, we knew that Ephedra or Ephedrine was very much tight up with names like Ma Huang and Ephedra Sinica.

And we all knew what we got for our money.

Today there is Alkaloids, Ephedrina infused with funny flower names we have never heard before. Ephedra Leaves? Ephedra Extract and the list continues.

Ephedra is available all over the world and, and we cannot say for sure , which of these alkaloids or leaves that works or not.

My suggestion is: Always prefer the Ma huang or Ephedra Sinica version, instead of leaves or Extract taken from some plant we don’t know the name of.

Basically said: Stick with the Ma Huang and Sinica versions.

While you can!

Here we are talking about Ephedra Diet Pills like Metabotrol, Green Stinger, Yellow Bullets, and ephBURN 25

Which Amount of Ephedra Should I choose 10 mg, 12.5 mg, 20 mg, 25 ,27 or even 30 mg?

As a newbie to diet pills with ephedra always choose the mildest one, in your case the 10 mg. or the 12.5 mg like Yellow Cross Ephedr, UR/24 Burnfast

or the 12.5 mg Red Stinger Ephedra Diet Pill

It also depends on your size and how much you weight.

For petit women it is enough with 10 mg. and for big guys that want to shred down and get learn for a competition, would be better of with a 25 or 27 mg. like
Green Stinger or Tri-Stack Xtreme


Rule Number Two

Basically what we are looking for is something that works.

The Science behind diet pills today is driven by huge commercial interests.

Keep it simple stick with something that Bodybuilders, Fitness Athlete and Dieters and Science by the way, has be proven to work.

The ECA Stack.

An ECA Stack is Ephedra, Caffeine and White Willow.

The active extract in White Willow bark, is Salicin which is the ingredient in a regular Aspirin, that’s why the A and not a W.

It has been proven to work extremely effective combined together.


– Because of Ephedra for its fat burning abilities. By causing a thermogenic effect, raising your body’s temperature and increasing your metabolism in conjunction with the rest of the stack

– Caffeine for raising your alertness, and decreasing your reaction time and for it’s fat burning abilities. Caffeine gets you more energetic.

– White Willow, Salicin or for that matter a regular Aspirin does, is it improves your blood flow by reducing your body’s output of Thombozane a natural chemical that causes the blood to become stickier.

White Willow makes your blood thinner, and that improves your blood’s abilities to carry nutrients to your body and muscles. Another great benefit is that it speeds up your recovery and reduces the lactic acid production in your body, so you are able to have less recovery periods between work outs, and between sets if you lift weights.

A good choice of an ECA Stack Diet Pill could be ECA Xtreme, Tri-Stack Xtreme or Asia Black

Very Important!!

If you response or are allergic to some of the ingredients.
I advice you to choose an Ephedra diet pill without the caffeine or White Willow, depending on what you are allergic or response heavy to.


If you response heavy on Caffeine, by getting shakes for example.

Try to leave out the ECA Stack, choose an Ephedra diet pill like Ripped Power, which has all the other good ingredients, but no caffeine and white willow.

Take the recommended dosage and drink a cop of green tea together with it.

That way you will still get some of the benefits from caffeine, but in a smaller amount.

Green Tea has proven weight loss abilities, and do not contain so much caffeine as a cop of coffee or Guarana or Kola Nut.

Another thing you can do is to invest in pure Ephedrine like Vasopro Ephedrine HCL or Pure Ephedrine
25m PE-25
. And dose your caffeine and white Willow intake yourself. But not for beginners.


With These 2 rules with have the basics of a god fat burning Ephedra diet pill in order.

The type of Ephedra

– and the importance of an ECA Stack.


Rule number three

Now we are going to take a look at 2 of the most important secondary ingredients especially in the new generation of Ephedra diet pills

Hoodia and Yohimbine.

Before we go on with rule number three. We need to take a look at our selves on two areas:

And please be honest to yourself


How does your belly and love handles look like?

And how much candy and chips do you eat every day, or how much do you crave sweet or salty stuff?


How does your hips looks like, and the area around your gluteus (butt)?

And how are your cravings for food, sweet and salty stuff?


If you have cravings for sweet and salty stuff or a lot of food, for that matter, choose a ephedra diet pill containing Hoodia.

A choice here could be Metabotrol, which is an excellent fat burner, or Phenterdrene which is excellent as well

If your love handles and hips is getting too big, choose and Ephedra Diet pill with Yohimbine.

Asia Black could be your choice here.


Here I have to say that usually you get both Yohimbine and Hoodia in the same product, and not seperated.


If you have problems with both. Choose one with booth Hoodia and Yohimbine.


What is Hoodia?

Hoodia believes to be appetite suppressant, and I originally discovered by bushmen in South Africa, that where hunting for days with out food. More about Hoodia Here

Hoodia is a new ingredients added in the new line of ephedra products out there.

For Personal reasons im a big believer in Hoodia and I have seen many time, it has been helping especially Obese people with craving for sweet of salty stuff. Taking away their appetite and that way promoting a weight loss.

So you can imagine, What Hoodia can do to a Ephedra ECA Stack diet pill.

What is Yohimbine.

Yohimbine Is another herb from Africa claims to promote that you get rid of that stubborn fat around your Belly and Love Handles at men, and hips and but for women.

I have tried Yohimbine in a diet pill, only containing Yohimbine, with ok results, a little fat loss, but nothing huge. But better than when I started. But I do believe Yohimbine is a great secondary agent for an Ephedra Diet pill.

Especially for those with much belly and butt fat. Sorry for my expression.

This ends up in my 3 golden rules

  1. Always prefer the Ma huang or Ephedra Sinica version
  2. Always go for an Ephedra Diet Pill That is part of an ECA Stack
  3. Take a look at yourself, And choose a fat burner with secondary products like Hoodia or Yohimbine.

With these 3 rules you are much more capable of choosing the product that is right for you.

Good Luck.

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