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Are you confused about Ephedra diet pills and whether they can help you lose weight or not, then read on here are some crucial information for you to know before you buy Ephedra diet pills.

Many people describe Ephedra as being either fake or real. It is actually not the right way to put it.

There are around 32 different species of Ephedra that derives from plants across the world, they are completely different from each other and not all of them contains ephedrine alkaloids, which is the most important ingredient and what we are after when it comes to an effective weight loss.

The Ephedra specie that has the highest amount of ephedrine alkaloids is Ephedra Sinica which is basically what we are after when we want to lose weight.

Green Stinger Ephedra diet pills or Black Ace is an excellent choice if that is what you are after.

Still very effective but not quite as strong we have the Sida Cordifolia that derives from India. That one contains Alkaloids as well, and is a very strong companion when it comes to losing weight.

Sida Cordifolia Ephedra is in many diet pills today, especially the ones that come from Asia. Asia Black diet pills are an excellent choice here.

On the other hand we have Ephedra Viridis that is also known as the green Mormon tea and grows in North America, that one does not contain any Alkaloids at all. Viridis is very popular choice in today’s Ephedra diet pills.

Another popular choice in today’s diet pills is Ephedra Nevadensis, that derive from Nevada and is a very mild choice as well. Nevadensis does not contain any Alkaloids either. 
Viridis and Nevadensis are very mild on your system when it comes to weight loss. They do give you results but are not as effective as Sinica or Cordifolia.

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