Top Ten Ephedra Products Marts

Check out this top 10, of the best Ephedra based Fatburners.

Its time to get lean, ripped and cutted. With a little help from our fat burning friends.

This months top ten of the best Ephedra Products in divided into 10 different categories.


1. Best Over All Ephedra Fat Burner

Green Stinger
My favorite of this month, is Green Stinger Ephedra Diet Pill from Swartz Labs. The reason til we have this one as our favorite is a couple of reasons. 1. The type of ephedra, is high quality Ephedra Sinica, and with a total of 27. mg. Furthermore its an ECA Stack, with good quality caffeine and White Willow, as an energy and endurance booster. Last is gives you the feeling of wellbeing. Like the old Hydroxycut with ephedra days.


2. Best Pure Ephedra or Ephedrine product.

Vasopro Ephedrine
this month the prize goes to Vasopro Ephedrine due to its purity and Pharmaceutical graded 25 mg of Ephedrine HCL, and 200 mg. Guaifeniesin Potency guaranteed by HPLC analysis.
The second reason is the prize only $18.99 for 24 capsules.


3. Most innovative product Ephedra Diet Pill

Euphoralean and the Stim Stacker
I was pretty impressed the other day, when I was typing in this product on my web page. because you are getting 2 products for the price of one. Euphoralean and the Stim Stacker. Yellow Thunder is a classic Ephedra Diet Pill with a total of 25 mg, Ephedra. Stim Stacker contains Dimethylamylamine, which is supposed to work as an amplifier for the Yellow Thunder, resulting in a much fast weight loss.

big respect for this one.


4. Most for your money ephedra Diet Pill

UR/24 Burnfast 10mg Ephedrine.
Being on Ephedra Diet not need to cost you a fortune. This month winner of the cheap products ephedra diet pills is UR/24 Burnfast 10mg Ephedrine. Only $27.95


5. Best Mild Ephedra Diet pill. max 13.5 mg of ephedra.

Blu Impact Ephedra
More does not necessary means a better result. Thats why this category, if you are petit, newbie or response heavy. This price goes to Blu Impact Ephedra with 13.5 mg of Ephedra. Blu Impact Ephedra represents the new generation of fat burners, with no unproven ingredients.

6. Highest Values per container

With whole 240 capsules in a container, thats pretty good. Hydroxytrol is the winner. Replaced the old Hydroxycut with Ephedra. The price is $59.99 wich means the prize per pill is less than $0.25.


7. Best replacement product of an old classic.

Megadrine RFA-1
Everybody is sti talking about Xenadrine and how good it was, not only to burn fat but also to keep your muscle mass. The Winner in the category best replacement product is Megadrine RFA-1 even the bottle looks the same.


8. Best ECA Stack.

ECA Xtreme ,
Just by the book, you know what you get, high quality ingredients has build this ECA Stack. A must when is comes to fat burners.


9. Best Ephedra Diet pill containing Hoodia and Yohimbine

Hoodia and Yohimbine is 2 ingredients, that has been talk about a lot, in the past few years. Hoodia Suppress appetite and Yohimbine, is targeting the stubborn fat cells around mens midsection and womens hips and glutes. Hoodia and Yohimbine is 2 ingrdients that is getting more and more common in Ephedra Diet Pills as well. So thats why we have to announce the winner in this Category. Lipodrene. A fat burner with a very reputation.


10. Most viewed product on

Green Stinger
The Product with the highest hits in september is Green Stinger. Really a lot of visiters has been interested in this product.

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